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High school diploma

Technical diploma as full-charge bookkeeper

Two years college in engineering

Member of the American Physical Society for four years with focus on chemical physics and condensed matter physics


html and css - obviously, Java, TI, and Python programming

Fluency in English and moderate to high fluency in Spanish

Computer literacy, MS Word and Excel, and various open source softwares

Differential geometry, particle physics, and some quantum mechanics

Bookkeeping, accounts payable, AR invoicing, and multi-jurisdictional sales tax reports

General building maintenance and repair including plumbing and electrical fixtures

Assembly, line assembly, and warehouse


Management and training of other employees

Inventory control and loss prevention

Customer relations and conflict resolution

Some auto mechanic maintenance and repair

My favorite - driving! Preferably manual transmission only.


Born in George Orwell's 1984. Do the math. I don't believe in pseudo-science, but am an INTJ and a Libra for anyone who cares.

Half Italian and half Portuguese fourth generation US male citizen.

Average height and build with dark hair and beady dark brown eyes. I have been told I am terrifying and my eyes go black with yellow specks when pissed.

I wear a lot of black because black is a comfortable color for me to wear, and besides, it is fashionable. Not goth, but do love goth entertainment.

I believe respect is automatic until lost, so I am respectful to everyone up front until they have proven to me they don't deserve it.


Space, time, mass, energy, and consciousness are all the same thing with different properties.

Everyone is divinely born with rights, which are truly neither granted nor taken away by others.

Everyone has the right to be and do as they wish, barring harassment and harm to others.

Everyone has equal rights and must have equal opportunities regardless of who or what they are.

Given the oppression and hypocrisy of the US Republican Party, you either hate them or you don't get it.

It is important for one's spirit to be both a scholar and a warrior.

It is our duty as individuals to know ourselves, question everything, and contribute socioeconomically.

Updated August 2023
Bill Liam East
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