Conspiracy Theorists & Frauds

Definition and Byproducts

Imaginative individuals who create fiction aimed at a credulous audience for fame and monetary gain, fiction which is then propagated by a worrying number of stupid people who do real harm to others and create obstacles against progress.

Mike Bara

A NASA focused conspiracy theorist discredited as lacking understanding in physics, astronomy and spaceflight, and yet has written several books addressing the subjects. He has denied evolution and climate change, as well as made claims about artifacts on the moon, such as a crystal tower from a vertically inverted photo of the Marius crater lunar landslide, and a ziggurat from a photo which originated on a Call of Duty forum. One of his books was a claim that during the Mayan Apocalypse of 2012, that any person would be able to change the world how they wish just by thinking it, based on the new age concept Law of Attraction.

Thomas E Bearden

He claimed with John Bedini to build a perpetual motion machine called the motionless electromagnetic generator (MEG) that used vacuum energy, although never demonstrated it or provided any evidence that it worked. He has advocated that governments and secret organizations withhold knowledge from the public of secret technology, including perpetual motion machines. He also promotes that a scalar EM field, his own idea, was responsible for both the Chernobyl nuclear meltdown and the crash of the Challenger space shuttle, the latter intentionally caused by Russia.

Art (Arthur William) Bell (III)

Creator and host of the radio show Coast to Coast AM from 1988 to 2003 that is largely credited for the massive spread of conspiracy theories by telling his listeners to raise their voices about what they heard on the show. While he did not create conspiracy theories himself, he allowed people to call into the show and talk freely, for which he received profits from growing ratings. He also coauthored The Coming Global Superstorm with Whitley Strieber, which acknowledges the potential consequences of global warming and climate change, but also claims that it has happened before destroying an ancient civilization and all record of it on earth.

Ivo A Benda

Responsible for the creation of the Universe People or Cosmic People of Light Powers religion, which believes that our galaxy is full of worlds inhabited by humans and that ours is the only one that hasn't reached some higher state of being. Of course aliens would supposedly contact him and affiliates telepathically and in person to tell him of galactic affairs. He lectured and heavily promoted the idea of defending humanity against Saurians, which are evil lizard people preventing our planet from becoming enlightened like all the others.

In the early 1990's, they were regarded as kind of a joke until the Heaven's gate people killed themselves, and suddenly media attention was focused on them, because people were curious if they were next. Unfortunately, this brought them much publicity and attracted like minded people, much in the same way this page may serve as an excellent resource for people who believe in this shit, and they are now a popular internet-based cult.

Helena (Madame) Blavatsky

Having lived 1831 to 1891, she is one of the founders of the Theosophical Society who claimed spirits were physically painting on canvases at night, paintings which she was caught red handed doing herself. She also wrote Isis Unveiled, which came under heavy fire for extensive plagiarism almost as soon as it was published. Many new modern age thinkers regard her as some great spiritual leader.

Michel Chossudovsky

Founder and director of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG) based in Canada, which produces New World Order conspiracy theories surrounding 9/11, vaccines, weaponized weather, and the coronavirus being fake. He has claimed that the HAARP laboratory had technology that could cause earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, and droughts, as seen in his 2000 publication. His organization is currently under heavy scrutiny for spreading pro-Russia propaganda against the United States.

Bernard Eastlund

Eastlund holds a patent of a concept based off of ideas originally by Nikola Tesla, that creates electromagnetic radiation in the atmosphere which would specifically effect the ionosphere. He claimed that HAARP had used his patented ideas for their experiments, but also later went on to say that HAARP was a secret weather control device that could also neutralize satellites.

Peter Faust

Faust claims that without his knowledge at first, aliens were abducting him to collect sperm samples, which eventually led into having sex with him to produce human-alien hybrid children. This was allegedly brought about under hypnosis induced by John E. Mack, a psychiatrist who also believed that he was abducted by aliens. Check out the 1994 Oprah interview and be sure to read the comments if you have any doubts about how many people actually believe this and take him at his word. He currently makes money as a family therapist and energy medicine healer, offering services which can be seen on his website.

I'm no expert, but "aliens had sex with me in my sleep" just sounds like the mind's way of trying to rationalize a suppressed desired behavior which went from fantasy to delusion when he wanted to believe he had actually gotten laid.

David Icke

Icke followed ideas closely matching Zecharia Sitchin, promoting beliefs that an inter-dimensional reptilian race called Archons (Anunnaki) have taken control of Earth, and says the Illuminati are human-reptilian shape shifters that keep people in fear in order to feed off of it.

He is also a self-proclaimed son of the Godhead and doomsdayer having claimed the world would end in 1997. He detailed several catastrophic events that never happened, saying that the knowledge was given to him during psychography (spirit guided writing).

He has repeatedly been accused of anti-Semitism based off content in books he has written, yet denies being anti-Semitic. It doesn't help that he has worked with anti-Semitic groups, called the Rothschild family, a rich Jewish family, blood-drinking Satan worshipers, and has blamed the Covid-19 pandemic on Israel as a means of testing new 5G technology that will end life as we know it.

Currently he has his own website where he spreads false information.

Alex Jones

A Bilderburg Group conspiracy theorist whose popularity was long lost until he became active in his support for the Trump presidency. His conspiracy theory days span as far back as the early 1990's, with notable growing popularity in 1999 when he published a website called Info Wars, which in its infancy pushed warnings of a worldwide shadow government scheme to create a New World Order.

He has made other claims, some of which seem more like a joke, and some of which has landed him into legal trouble. One of his claims concerns accusing the US government of implementing population control by turning people gay using chemical warfare. He has strongly supported the idea that the 9/11 WTC attacks were a false flag operation, as well as a number of other tragedies like the Sandy Hook school shooting and the Charlottesville incident.

Currently, he has been under federal investigation for raising funds for the January 6th insurrection as well as aiding in its organization in affiliation with the Oath Keepers and Proud Boys.

Eduard Albert (Billy) Meier

Claims he was contacted by aliens called Plejarens named Sfath, Asket, Semjase, and Ptaah, based on which he later founded the UFO based religion and organization Free Community of Interests for the Border and Spiritual Sciences and Ufological Studies. He had produced botched photos of UFO's he calls beamships, which look like typical spaceship portrayals found in early sci-fi films. His wife later produced photos of the models he used in his photos after he had tried to destroy them, forcing him to admit that his photos were fake. He also pushes a heavy political agenda against the United States and Zionists for apparently violent reasons that he prophesized.

Bart Sibrel

A writer and producer focused on the idea that the Apollo Moon landings were faked and that NASA led by the CIA made false claims. He states that even with our current technology we cannot achieve a moon landing, and that with the radiation belt surrounding Earth, humans are incapable of passing through it alive. Furthermore, he states that because of the shadows casted in the moon footage, that it was filmed in a studio. Everything he has said has been discredited.

Zecharia Sitchin

An ancient astronauts conspiracy theorist who is the original to have claimed that the Anunnaki, who lived on planet Nibiru in the far reaches of our solar system, had a direct impact on human history, namely in ancient Sumeria and in human genes. He has supposedly managed to culminate his ideas by reading Ancient Sumerian as well as Akkadian texts. All of his ideas have been entirely discredited by historians and scientists.

Ed & Lorraine Warren

The married couple behind the Amityville and Snedeker hauntings, and inspiration for the Conjuring movies, who were themselves investigated several times and discredited as frauds, having completely invented the first two mentioned hauntings. They claimed to have evidence of supernatural activity for several accounts, which they freely presented among objects they deemed haunted at their house in a museum section, yet their evidence was also discredited. Although many today still believe that the movies based on their stories actually happened, they are only stories with no supporting evidence whatsoever.

Updated October 2023
Bill Liam East
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