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"It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose. That is not a weakness, that is life."
- Captain Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation season 2, episode 21 Peak Performance

New Releases
Lower Decks season 5 is expected to air between August and November 2024.

Star Trek 4 (Kelvin timeline) still has not been in development, however Paramount is now pushing for its release.

Star Trek: Section 31, featuring Michelle Yeoh as Philippa Georgiou will be released some time in 2024. It was originally planned to air as a series, but instead will be produced as a movie.

Discovery season 5 is expected to air between January and April 2024. It will be the final season.

Year Movie/Series Major Event
1947 DS9 episode "Little Green Men"
1992–1996 Eugenics Wars
1996 VOY episodes "Future's End"
2024 DS9 episodes "Past Tense", Picard S2 past events Bell Riots
2049–2053 WWIII
2063 First Contact past events First Contact
2151–2152 Enterprise S1
2152–2153 Enterprise S2
2153–2154 Enterprise S3
2154–2155 Enterprise S4
2156–2160 Earth-Romulan War
2161 UFP Founded
2233 Star Trek (Kelvin Timeline)
2254 Original Series pilot episode "The Cage"
2256–2257 Discovery S1
???? Section 31
2258–2259 Discovery S2
2259 Into Darkness (Kelvin Timeline)
2259 Strange New Worlds S1
2259–2260 Strange New Worlds S2
2263 Beyond (Kelvin Timeline)
2266–2267 Original Series S1
2267–2268 Original Series S2
2268–2269 Original Series S3
2269 Animated Series S1
2270 Animated Series S2
2273 Motion Picture
2285 Wrath of Khan, Search for Spock
2286 Voyage Home
2287 Final Frontier
2293 Undiscovered Country, Generations prologue
2346 Khitomer Massacre
2364 Next Generation S1
2365 Next Generation S2
2366 Next Generation S3
2367 Next Generation S4 Battle of Wolf 359
2368 Next Generation S5
2369 Next Generation S6, Deep Space 9 S1
2370 Next Generation S7, Deep Space 9 S2
2371 Deep Space 9 S3, Voyager S1, Generations
2372 Deep Space 9 S4, Voyager S2
2373 Deep Space 9 S5, Voyager S3, First Contact Dominion War
2374 Deep Space 9 S6, Voyager S4 Dominion War
2375 Deep Space 9 S7, Voyager S5, Insurrection Dominion War
2376 Voyager S6
2377–2378 Voyager S7
2379 Nemesis
2380 Lower Decks S1
2381 Lower Decks S2–S3
???? Lower Decks S4
2383–2384 Prodigy
2399 Picard S1
2401 Picard S2–S3
2404 VOY episode "Endgame" future events
2409–2411 Star Trek Online
3064 Temporal Cold War
3069 The Burn
3074 VOY episode "Living Witness"
3188–3189 Discovery S3
3190 Discovery S4
???? Discovery S5

Updated December 2023
Bill Liam East
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