Why Butters?

Long Story Short

Butters is the nickname for my roommate Juli since the second quarter of 2016. At first I would always compare her to SpongeBob and all things yellow, saying that bananas were her relatives, and then accusing her of cannibalism after she ate them. Then I got her a Squishmallow of a parakeet named Chuck from Walgreens as sort of a joke, but we call it Blonde Bird. We regard it as her twin sister, since its health from being squished now resembles hers.

I have always been a fan of the older South Park seasons, the first ten are absolutely hilarious. The characteristics of Butters have remained consistent throughout the show, and the similarities between Butters and Juli are vast. Like Butters, she is blonde (older redhead), usually positive and talks WAY too much about nothing (a.k.a. blonding), is traumatized and scarred for life, gullible, trusts people too much, is energetic and basically has all the qualities associated with a pineapple. And she has times in Professor Chaos mode when her sense of vengeance is just annoying and harmless.

When I started living with Butters, it was a mutual financial arrangement to help her stay above water when she had declining health problems, while also extending to me alternative living quarters at the time. We were living in a dump with the intent to save money and find something better, but we eventually got kicked out of that dump for non-payment. To call that place a dump is an understatement, and it wasn't even worth paying for that dump in the first place. This created hard times for us, but we toughed it out together, regained control of our lives, and have been doing well ever since.

Thank you Doctors Jared J Eddy and John D Mitchell for saving her life!


Butters looking statuesque

Butters conjoined with Blonde Bird

Butters stoned off her ass

Me reacting to blonding

Updated July 2023
Bill Liam East
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